Episode 5 – All is Well

Podcast Show Notes

Stars of the Show: How rude! Sumptuous started yawning. HeHe

Pearl is the one that I was shearing in the video. I am sending off their fiber to a local fiber mill here in WA to have roving to dye and spin with. It will be angora/targhee/merino/nylon. I also have some more yarn coming from a fiber mill and it will be angora/merino/nylon.

Camera Man didn’t listen to me and kept all parts of the episode! Think I better learn editing to avoid embarrassment.

My HO not FO! Blueberry Waffle pattern on ravelry.

KAL has started and ends June 30th.

Im a jogger so lets chat about it!

Do you do one project or lots at a time? Please help me!


Stitch markers from Needle Clicks, etc and Jills Handmade Stuff on Etsy.

Camera Man went yarn shopping for me to Amazing Threads!

Support Spindle from Texas Jeans. Spins like a dream. I learned from Lisa Chan. She’s a wonderful lady!   

Well thats it Folks! See you again soon!

Episode 4 Runs in the Family

Here are the links to the highlights of Episode 4

Two of many podcasts I enjoying watching:

Dani from Little Bobbins Knits

and Stacie from Muststash Podcast

Join us at the Ravelry group Onaquestforfiber for the KAL!

My yarn blank is from Kristin Lehrer.  Love the colors! She custom made this for me.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how jealous my dog  can get trying to eat the rabbit’s carrot!

See you again soon,





Episode 3 – So Much To Say

Hi and Welcome all viewers!

Here are the links to things I mention in this third podcast.


Sock Yarn Blanket for my daughter.

Girls Friends Socks –  Vanilla socks done in SeaHawk colors. Done with a short cuff; wonderful!

Wanting to Cast On My Needles

BonBon Rabbit by Susan Claudino

Frog Tree yarn bought from Country Yarns in Snohomish WA

Past FO’s

Skywalker Shawl by Laura Nelkin. This is a Craftsy class and highly recommend it.  If you can recommend a way to wear shawls please share! I love knitting shawls but have a hard time wearing them.

Hat Madelinetosh ASAP. Knit up real fast.

First Knit Along at On a Quest for Fiber

The KAL will start May 1st. Get to the Ravelry Page and vote.

New to My Stash

Acorn Street Shop

Misty Alpaca Handpaint Sock Yarn.

Smooshy Dream

Show and Tell

Signed up for another jogging class near the end of April with my husband!

New podcast I love…Sarah Wright

Bike riding has begun again!


Just to let you know that I do have good results with Country Classic Dyes but just not this day.

Stars of the Show

Sumptuous gets her nails clipped.

Episode 2 – Things are Growing


As you can see I changed recording locations to try and get better lighting and use my phone properly. However, as I was recording my phone would just stop! It wasn’t because of the battery as I have the phone charger plugged in all the time. If you know why please leave me a comment so I can get this resolved and create longer podcasts in the future.


Vanilla Socks done in a Plymoth Yarn. I dont have the ball band but I can tell you the colors are bright! They will be for a good friend of mine who is a SeaHawks Fan! She loves socks with hardly any cuff at all so they should go pretty fast. Im doing them each differently. One is magic loop cuff down on my Karbonz 2.25mm needles and the other sock is done cuff down using my signature dpn size 1. Im knitting them concurrently and wish I could remind myself to do that more often!

Sock yarn blanket for my daughter to be done in 2016. I need to do a square a day till September of 2016…540 squares to be exact! The project is in my Ravelry project page.  I thought she would appreciate the knitting I did and the fiber Pearl and Sumptuous contributed to her keepsake.  I bought the yarn at Serial Knitters in Kirkland WA; one of my favorite yarn shops!

Kroy Socks. Coming along but slow going. Yes they are done on 2.25mm after I kept rambling on!


BonBon Rabbit by Susan Claudino. I so want to cast this on!! I have purchased the pattern so now I need worsted weight yarn.  Yarn shopping is so tough!

Socks done toe up with the german short row heel. Two videos by Very Pink Designs shows how to create german short rows heels and a very stretchy bind off.

OnaQuestforFiber May 2015 KAL

Please go to the Ravelry Group OnaQuestforFiber and leave a comment as to what shawl you’d like to do and on April 1st I will announce the choosen pattern. 22.5 Degrees or Trillian are the two patterns. The prize will be the book Sock Architecture by Laura Neel.


None but I have HO which is one of my Kroy socks.


Pearl and Sumptuous outside for some playtime!

This week I talk about fiber characteristics.

Well I hope you enjoyed this podcast and thank you for watching! See you March 29th.

Episode 1 Getting to Know Us

Thank you so much for watching On a Quest for Fiber Podcast Episode 1. Please feel free to leave some feedback and subscribe to the podcast so you dont miss my furry cohosts and when we get to 25 subscribers I will give away some of my stitch markers…a bunny of course!


Patons Kroy  Socks done in my version of vanilla socks. Cast on 34 sts. 1 1/2″ rib k1p1. The basic pattern is from Yarn Harlot’s sock pattern. 

Opal Sweet and Spicy Yarn used in Hermoines Socks done with afterthought heel. However, I got carried away doing my granny square blanket by Kay from Bakery Bears  so I may be short on yarn for the heel. Time will tell!

OnaQuestforFiber Yarn and Sock scraps used in my sock yarn granny square blanket as well as Sock Yarn Blanket.

Viajante Shawl done in Malabrigo Lace. This is a project I need to bring to the front of the line but right now its not getting much love.

My segments for Episode 2 will be:

Time with the Stars of the Show 



Knit A Long for May 1st – I will start a thread in the Ravelry Group to vote on Trillian or 22.5 Degrees shawl. You can vote till March 31st and on April 1st I will post the winning KAL shawl.  The prize will be the book Sock Architecture by Laura Neel. Please vote and leave your comments in the thread.

Thanks again!




Shearing Day

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Sumptuous and Pearl.

Merry Christmas from Sumptuous and Pearl.

New Beginnings

Let me introduce you to my new girls Pearl and Sumptuous. They are german angoras and were born last June from Windsor Farms Rabbitry.

My two german angoras

My two german angoras

Yes, you’d be correct in realizing that I went from german to satin and back again.  The fiber on the satin angoras is beautiful but the problem is there is very little of it. I can harvest close to a pound of German every 90 days; with satins I’d get a few ounces in a year.  Heather from Oceanside Angoras took back Meringue and Cocoa where they will be with a lot of other rabbits.

Recently I had some german angora made into sock yarn. I was going to dye it myself but instead an indie dyer bought all of it!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also had some angora made into merino/angora blend (80/20) fingering weight and I have that listed in my shop for sale.


Ive been knitting socks and more socks! Check out my Ravelry project page.  I also took a Pop Blanket class at Knit Fit and the class was terrific. Treated myself to some signature dpns. I’ve also started a sockblanket as well to use up my scraps!

1st square!

1st square!

Pop Blanket class at Knit Fit.

Pop Blanket class at Knit Fit.


After recovering from my cold I’m back in full swing. Bought some new sneakers yesterday (Brooks Ghost) and all is good. However, I need to increase my pace; any ideas?

Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghost


Type 1

I found out World Diabetes Day was founded November 14, 1991. My daughter was diagnosed at two years of age and guess when her birthday is? November 14, 1991! I’ve contacted the organization to let them know hoping they get in contact with her!


Haven’t Left You – was on vacation!

25th anniversary

25th anniversary

Well we had a blast in Europe for our 25th wedding anniversary.  However, I would say don’t go to Paris!  Our North American perception of Paris is so wrong. We loved London and Denmark!

Now onto fiber related news. My new line of yarn will be shipping on Monday. Can’t wait to have some angora to cover my tootsies in the winter. It’s a sock yarn that is 60/20/20 blend of merino,  angora and nylon. I will be doing most self striping yarn. I should have some for sale in my shop by Halloween.

Cocoa and Meringue are doing well and are producing some lovely satin angora that I am spinning into luxurious yarn that will be for sale in my shop.

Cocoa's satin angora

Cocoa’s satin angora

Dont forget I have beautiful rolags, roving and stitch markers in my shop. Click  here and place your order today!


Well we didn’t jog in Europe. So as a result it’s been just over a month since I last put my sneakers on after coming home with a terrible chest cold. I will say that tomorrow looks promising but I will be easing back into it. I want to jog the gobble run in November so I better not ease into it too long.


I’ve made my grand niece a little sweater and of course another pair of socks. Check out my ravelry project page

Type 1

Love the new technology of continuous glucose sensors! However, can they not find a way to turn off the alarm! It doesn’t help when your running to get some where and you know it’s going to happen but you’ve already taken some tablets.

New Podcast

Its Tuesday but I just had to do a shout out to everyone who loves knitting video podcasts. Dani from Little Bobbins has started a new video knitting podcast and I want to encourage her to do more because its real hard to do this all by yourself.  Thanks Dani.

That is all for today.