Darling 9″ Circulars

Darling 9″ Circulars


Why do I call these 9″ needles Darling? My mom used to say Hi Darling! to my daughter when she was 18 months old. As weeks went by my daughter dropped the hi when she said it back and just said Darling. Therefore, her name became Darling instead of Grandma.
My mother became a Master knitter and to say she loved to knit socks is an understatement.
Sadly, at age 66 we lost her to lung cancer. (Yes we were close in age 19.5 yrs.).
I can’t help but think about her every day I post and see members of Darling 9” Circulars growing. She would have loved to be a part of this knitting group.
We Love You Darling! ❤️❤️


The resources in this web page are for those who love to knit socks on 9″ circular needles (all brands) and want to gain knowledge through videos and pattern(s). Please feel free to join the Facebook Group and invite your friends who love to knit socks.  

Here is comment from Marie Parker of the Facebook Group

Keli Hansen, thank you so much for starting this group and for the wonderful videos! I had tried knitting socks before and made one pair. I couldn’t get the hang of magic loop and was stuck using dpn’s. I thought there had to be a better way, but hadn’t heard about making socks on circular needles. About a year ago, I bought some 9″ circs and put them away thinking I might attempt it at a later date.

I joined this group, hoping that it would go smoothly for me and I might be able to knit some socks without fiddly dpn’s. I honestly don’t mind dpn’s, but they slowed my progress enough that it was awkward and uncomfortable for me to knit socks. After watching your videos and with the help of one of the ladies on this group, I have been able to fly through this sock! I’ll post a pic when I’m able, but I am BEYOND THRILLED (not yelling, just emphasizing lol) to find a new way to knit socks! <3 From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Let the joy begin!